1 mars 2012


Discours de Simon Bartold analysé/ Simon Bartold’s speech analysed

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Les commentaires du débat sur la chaussure tenu à Austin au Texas en décembre 2011 ont fait énormément jaser sur notre blog. Les défenseurs et les opposants des chaussures minimalistes (chaussures de jogging se rapprochant de la course pieds nus) ont étalé leurs arguments avec passion en fonction de leurs croyances, de leur expérience, mais peu se sont servis avec honnêteté de la science.

Après analyse approfondie de la vidéo intégrale de la conférence de Simon Bartold (consultant ASICS) au congrès canadien des détaillants indépendants à Austin-Texas en décembre 2011, voici à nouveau la vidéo mais additionnée de commentaires et critiques par Blaise Dubois de La Clinique Du CoureurMC . Ce matériel didactique hautement éducatif est mis à disposition des professionnels de la santé, de l’entraînement et surtout des détaillants spécialisés de la chaussure de course à des fins éducatives. Vous remarquerez, au visionnement de ce vidéo, que les arguments scientifiques sont parfois difficiles à marier avec les arguments marketing… à moins de construire sa propre science, de la déformer ou de la choisir avec soin. Nous espérons que cette vidéo amènera une réflexion plus élaborée sur la science qui entoure les chaussures de course à pied. Bonne écoute!



Comments over the debate on footwear held in Austin-Texas in december 2011 brought a lot of feedback. Defenders and opponents of minimalist footwear (running shoes that bring sensations close to running barefoot) have displayed their arguments with passion in accordance to their believes and their experience, but very few have used honest science to show and prove their point.

So here it is! The integral conference given by Simon Bartold (ASICS consultant) at the Independent Running Retailers of Canada congress in Austin, TX in December of 2011 is now available with comments and critics added throughout the video by Blaise Dubois from The Running ClinicTM. This highly educative content is made available to health professionals, fitness instructors and especially to shoe retailers for educational purpose. When watching this video, you will notice that scientific arguments are often difficult to mix with marketing arguments, unless you build your own science, deform real science or choose it carefully. We hope that this video will bring people to have a deeper reflection on all the science about running shoes. Enjoy!


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  1. sbartold
    mar 2 2012

    Still hurting from the Austin spanking Blaise? Haha!
    The comments you have made are so full of confirmation blaise.. sorry confirmation bias, and rampant cherry picking that there is little point trying to have a rational discussion with you.This is your blog, and you can say whatever you want even if it is transparently wrong. Readers might like to check out

    After trying to make a few points on the premier biomechanics and lower limb forum in the world, Bliase was told by a Senior Arena Veteran:

    « Oh Blaise. You almost answered that post like a real scientist with whom I’d love to have a conversation. And then your response to question 2 reminded me of one of my new years resolutions. No more interactions on this sort of subject with people who have no regard for proper scientific method. Wasted most of 2010, and a fair bit of 2011 doing that. Not this year my friend.

    Just so you know, when you make a very specific claim such as « less than 11% of the running population should wear PECH shoes, the rest should be in minimal shoes » and you are asked for your rationale or evidence for making such a claim, an appropriate reply to the person who asked you is NOT « Why not? Do you have data showing its not true? »
    No Blaise, I do not have data showing its not true. But then I have not stated is is not true. You made the claim, therefore the burden of proof is on you. However, you clearly do not have evidence or data showing it is true. Therefore perhaps you should refrain from plucking made up facts from the air until you do?’

    Oh dear.. that’s gotta hurt! Just like the truth eh Blaise?
    After this comment.. Blaise completely disappeared from the arena. not surprising really!

    Ian was right.. Blaise is no scientist, and certainly no biomechanist..he is just a guy with a few theories and he is good at charging money to espouse them. However, there is no place for him on a true scientific forum cos he gets busted every single time!

    Enjoy Australia.. it’s a lovely country.. since you are going there for commercial purposes to charge people $650 plus to hear your pseudoscience and bias.. you might make a buck.. although I heard at last count there were only 2 people registered (;

  2. mar 2 2012

    Dear Simon,
    Don’t worry… I feel great!
    Remember that the topic here is you… not me. You are so good politician that you are able to speak about everything and nothing without answering to the question and divert attention to another subject.
    Watching your video was very funny … hilarious! It’s help a lot to understand how science is manipulate to the purpose to sale shoes. It’s sad that you never answer our email for another debate in Australia.
    I’m always open to take beer with you in my trip in Australia if you are available.

  3. mar 2 2012

    I help in the booking of Blaise’s courses and for the record, we solded out in Melbourne and had to open to additional registrations, and there are 3 spots left in Newcastle. Was that another strong evidence from M.Bartold… and what was that for anyway?

  4. mar 3 2012

    Another good example how big running shoe companies are able with money to bias many health professionals… unacceptable! Things need to change!
    Un autre bon exemple de l’influence corrompue des grosses compagnies de chaussures sur les professionnels de la santé… inacceptable. Les choses ont besoin de changer!


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