Do you have professional ties to the running world? Would you like to broaden your clinical competence or have your current knowledge challenged? This is your opportunity! In order to receive a conference, a course or even a practical session on running biomechanics, all you need to do is contact us. Attached is a preview of our conference (Quebec, 2009).

Looking forward to debating with you!
The Running Clinic™ team

  • Kmag's Footwear debate, september 14th 2011, Montreal (English subtitles)

    Prensentation of Blaise Dubois at the "Kmag's debate on traditional footwear vs. minimalist footwear" held in Montreal on september 14th 2011.
    Click here to watch the presentation

  • Prevention of Running Injuries « Everything you must forget!»

    The conference included here (PPT) is part of the one given by Blaise Dubois 10 years ago…the content of which he now refutes! If you still believe these concepts and wonder why they no longer hold, from a clinical and scientific standpoint, you can now host a conference in your region.

  • Lecture Preview (French Version, 5 minutes)

  • Lecture Preview (French Version, 1 minute)