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  • Dr Craig Richards, MD, Newcastle, Australia

    I recently had the pleasure of attending the "New trends in the prevention of running injuries" course in Shepherdstown. The course was an outstanding exposition of cutting edge running science and how it is being applied to clinical practice by this very progressive clinic. Informative and thought provoking, this course is a must for every health care professional committed to providing the highest level of care to their runners.

    Dr Craig Richards (Author of the systematic review "Is your prescription of distance running shoes evidence based?" BJSM, 2008)

  • Dr. Daniel Kulund USAF, orthopedist, Arlington, USA

    I learned more per unit time in this course than in any course I have attended over the past 70 years – The enthusiasm of Blaise and Sean never let up. Merci Beaucoup!

    Dr Daniel Kulund, USAF, Chief Health Promotions Pentagon
    Physician, Author, Opened first "Runners Clinic" in 1970's

  • Craig Miller, Doctor, Rockville, MD, USA

    I had the honor and pleasure of attending this course recently. The collection of information and the method in which it was presented made for an enjoyable and remarkably informative weekend. The fact that some of the world's experts in running and fitness science were also in attendance just made the experience that much more enriching. Upon returning to work we immediately started to implement much of the knowledge we gained in our clinic.
    This course is a MUST for any health professional that treats endurance athletes, as well as, coach's, trainers and athletes themselves!

    Craig A. Miller , M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon. Specialty: Sports Medicine
    A world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries and illnesses.

  • Genar Maza i Pujol, Podiatrist, Manresa, España

    I followed the course last may in Reus (Catalunya). Very instuctive course, entertaining and especially useful. I'm a podiatrist since more than 20 years and treat athletes on a regular basis. Just want to say that the acquired knowledge in this course and the different way to see runners pathologies are very helpful in my daily practice. Congradulations M. Blaise Dubois and crew for your work.

  • Blaise Reymondin, Coureur récréatif, Genève, Switzerland

    J'aimerais vous féliciter pour votre conférence jeudi à Lausanne, j'avais déjà été convaincu par l'approche "minimaliste" par mon ami Marcos Del Cuadro, médecin, mais votre conférence était vraiment brillante, un très bon équillibre entre conviction, approche scientifique et humour. Bravo !

  • Peter Garbutt, Chiropractor, Canberra, Australia

    I found this to be an outstanding course with an enormous amount of usable information. Blaise Dubois brings a depth of knowledge and experience that is truly valuable. With close to 20years in chiropractic practice in the sporting arena, a masters degree in sports science, lecturing in Australia and internationally on treating sports injuries and a running technique business, along with being a runner, I consider myself to have a moderate to good level of understanding of running. Blaise has a commanding grasp of current research and an ability to integrate this into practice. I learnt a lot in this course and was challenged to apply a higher level of scrutiny to my own practices through the teachings of Blaise.
    Thanks for a great course.

  • Douglas Gross , Physiotherapist / Manual therapy specialist, Victoria , Australia

    I completed the seminar run by Dr Craig Richards and Blaise Dubious. I can only say it was brilliant, some of the research I had heard before and Blaise put it together and presented it well.

  • Yves BESCOND , Ostéopathe, ANGERS, FRANCE

    En France nous avons un proverbe qui dit : "chassez le naturel il revient au galop !"... avec Blaise nous pourrions dire : "chassez le naturel il revient au pas de course !" Le retour vers la case départ semble une évidence et ses arguments sont plus que convaincants pour nous attirer sur sa voie "bio", nature.
    Par son ouverture d'esprit et la synthèse des études qu'il a accumulées depuis des années, par sa riche expérience du terrain et de sa pratique professionnelle, son cours est un vrai bonheur et permet de donner une autre dimension à notre propre activité. Le côtoyer, ainsi que la présence d'autres stagiaires ayant eux-mêmes un vécu personnel fort, est très enrichissant et font de cette formation un évènement à ne rater sous aucun prétexte ! Merci à Blaise et son team pro et familial, car je suis conscient des sacrifices faits pour transmettre son savoir au dépend de sa vie privée ! Des milliers d'athlètes lui en seront reconnaissants !

  • Danny Dreyer, co-founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

    The Running Clinic put on by Blaise and Sean was one of the most amazing and enjoyable learning experiences I've ever had. Their combined expertise and back and forth flow of the materials never skipped a beat. Blaise's profound knowledge of the materials and his firm conviction that there is a better way to run and address running injuries, leaves me with a very hopeful sense that the Running Revolution is here to stay. I highly recommend this clinic to any health professional wishing to learn cutting edge approaches to preventing and healing running injuries.

    Well done, Blaise and Sean.

    Danny Dreyer
    Author: ChiRunning and ChiWalking

  • Jean Philippe CASTILLO, Physiothérapeute - kinésithérapeute / Spécialisé en physiothérap, Avord, France

    Merci encore pour ce cours qui est une des meilleures (la meilleure ?) formations que j'ai faites depuis 20 ans :
    Appuyé par des références scientifiques incontestables, Blaise DUBOIS de la clinique du coureur associe pour notre bonheur rigueur, compétence,humour et convivialité !
    Un rendez-vous incontournable pour qui veut traiter avec sérieux tout patient sportif ou améliorer ses propres performances!

  • Ray Mcclanahan, DPM, portland, oregon, USA

    I attended the Running Clinic and found what I was looking for. Medical professionals eager to study what the science shows regarding running injuries. The Clinic was expertly taught by Blaise Dubois and Sean Cannon, and included pertinent discussion and real world evaluation techniques, to help today sports care provider to best help their running athletes. I benefited more from this clinic than any I have attended in 18 years. Sports providers of all specialties will upgrade their ability to provide expert care, only after they have been exposed to the actual science of running prevention. You will find answers to those big questions if you attend the clinic.
    My patients are happy I did, and so am I.

  • Ian Adamson, Sports professional, Boulder, Colorado, USA

    Meeting Blaise and Sean at The Running Clinic and assembled experts from around the world confirmed what we have been saying for years. Their information and presentation (and sense of humor!) was exemplary. I highly recommend attending a course and/or conference if you are a medical professional, sports professional or passionate athlete interested in the field of running.

    Ian Adamson, MS Sports Medicine, BS Bio-mechanical Engineering
    Director Research & Education "Newton Running Company"
    7x World Champion Adventure Racer

  • Alejandro Alvarez Navarro, fisioterapeuta, Tarragona , Espagne

    Merci pour cette formation qui m'a apporté de nombreuses connaissances supplémentaires concernant un sport, "un mode de vie" qui devient de plus en plus populaire et pratiqué. Tes explications et conseils me seront précieux pour pouvoir affiner et améliorer ma pratique professionnel et mes propres sorties sportives.

  • Dr. Richard Cartier, Physician, 2h31 at Boston marathon , Montréal, Canada

    Hi Blaise,
    I just finished one of my best performances at the Boston marathon last Monday. Almost a personal best at 48 years of age... in Boston... 2h31m08s, second in my category 45-49. I wanted to thank you personally because your advice and teachings over the last year were a big part of my performance. I ran with adidas Adizero Pro and felt great. Don't stop teaching, you hold the truth and the truth needs to be known by more people.

  • Graig J. Brososky, Physiotherapist, IMC, Edmonton, CAN

    Thanks in large part to your courses I have helped runners from new first timers to ultramarathon winners compete at their best – in general helping them run faster and with less trouble than ever before.

  • Marie-Claude Déry, DC, Chiropractor, Lac-Beauport, Qc, Canada

    Mr. Dubois' course is the proof that a passion can unite many professions. The rigorous literature reviews are assembled in a manual with flawless credibility that will easily introduce itself in my library with other reference documents. Furthermore, it is impossible not to be astounded by Mr. Dubois' exceptional qualities as an orator. This course is a must for all health professionals in love with running.

  • Kyle Roberts, Pedorthist, Milwaukee, USA

    The "New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries" course changed almost all aspects of my practice. As a certified pedorthist, I design adn fabricate custom orthotics with foot and lower extremity injuries. I also give footwear recommendations. At the course we learned about the science behind footwear, and that pronation control, elevated heel shoes increase shock to the knees. Our bodies impact moderating behavior system is essentially shut off with these thicker shoes. A healthier approach is to wear shoes that do not inhibit this system, shoes that are thin and light, and flat to the ground - i.e. no raised heel. Now, I recommend these types of shoes to almost all of my patients, with great success!

  • Marc-André Sarrazin PT, FCAMPT, Sport Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Blainville, Canada

    Cours d'une grande pertinence. Je suis depuis ce cours non seulement un meilleur physio mais j'ai significativement amélioré mon plaisir et mes performances de course! Applicable à tous type de clientèle. Un retour aux bases fondamentales de la biologie dont nous avions grand besoin! Merci Blaise.

  • Robert Dizes Jr. , Health professional, OFallon, USA

    I have been running for 30+ yrs. I am a health professional and practice in Sports Medicine. I have a new found appreciation for treating runners. The course in West Virginia, with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Blaise, along with Jay DiCharry, Dr. Rober Wilder, and Dr. Hiroaki Tanaka was excellent. This course is a must for ANY one who works with runners. Thanks to this course my knowledge base dramatically increaed. Thank you Mark for your effort and time to put this together. I look forward to future programs.

  • Jay Dicharry, Physical Therapist, Gait Analysis Specialist, Charlottesville, VA, USA

    Quite simply the most comprehensive review course on running medicine I have ever attended. Blaise and Sean are EXCELLENT presenters. Amazing discussions and debate made for a stellar weekend. Highly recommended.

    Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, CSCS
    University of Virginia SPEED Clinic, Director

  • Lonnie Styles, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Physiotherapist - Physical therapist, Altoona, PA, USA

    I recently attended the 'New Trends' course presented by Blaise and Sean in WV. This was simply one of the best courses I've taken in my 25+ years as a PT. Much of the information learned can be immediately integrated into practice. I feel as if I'm already a better clinician. Thanks guys!

  • Dave Abbett, Physiotherapist - Physical therapist, Rochester, NH, USA

    I have attended many conferences and seminars on physical therapy philosophy and treatment techniques. This was by far the best and only running specific course that I have attended in my 20 plus years in the field of physical therapy. Not only were the instructors, Blaise and Sean, informative and insightful, the attendees were a 'who's who' of the minimalist running movement. It was a great experience all around and many professionals around the room only added to the experience. Thanks to Mark and al for hosting and Blaise and Sean for braving customs to cross over to the U.S. for this much needed course.

  • Elise Yanover, Physiotherapist and triathlete, Toronto, ON, CAN

    I have been loving doing it and using all the knowledge from the course. I have to say of any course I have taken in my 17 yrs of practice this has been the one I both enjoyed most and have benefited the most in my practice and personally.

  • Jean–Pierre Arsenault, PT, Physiotherapist, Moncton, NB, Canada

    Great evidence based course that will help you treat your patients involved with the sport of running with more confidence and/or it will guide the runner in you the right way .

  • Legrand Benoit, Physiothérapeute - kinésithérapeute / Spécialisé en physiothérap, Mons, Belgique

    Having come out to the course with strong beliefs on the subject I left questionning myself about both the way I treat my patients and about the tips I offer my runners. This is a very enriching course given with great humour and anecdotes. We are impatiently waiting for Blaise to come to Belgium!

  • John Maisse, Osteopath, Fribourg, Suisse

    Un des cours les plus enrichissant auquel j'ai pu assisté. Blaise est très dynamique dans sa façon d'enseigner, le cours mêle des parties pratiques utilisables rapidement, à des énoncés scientifiques théoriques de dernière génération. Également un brin d'humour dans beaucoup de professionnalisme, ce qui permet de ne jamais s'ennuyer! Merci blaise

  • Serge Olivares, Track coach and physiotherapist, Romainville, France

    As a track coach and a kinesiotherapist I was doubly interested by the course "New trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries". Mechanical stress quantification, adaptation, interval training... so many subjects that allowed me to improve my practice both as a coach and as a therapist.
    Thanks again!

  • Judith Lambert, PT, Physiotherapist and marathon runner, Ottawa, On, Canada

    Very good course, it definitely changed my vision on shoes and orthotics. Very helpful for the assessment and treatment of runners and also for general exercise prescription. I highly recommend it!

  • Demeure Marc-Olivier, Sport physician, Osteopathe, Ultra-marathon runner, Gaillac, france

    Running, from its empirical practice to scientific training methods... everything is covered with great passion. Blaise Dubois and his course: "New Trends in the Prevention of Running injuries" belongs to a groupe of people who want to make a difference. The course is based on a rigourous analysis of the scientific litterature, it brings a practical approach to running which allows us quickly advise our patients. Personally, I appreciated the lecture both as a passionate runner myself and as a medical professional. I did not miss any of the speaker's speech and I am impatiently waiting for the return of "The Running Clinic" to France.
    Bravo Blaise,
    Hope to see you again soon...

  • Jayne Biafore, Physical therapist USA, Bethesda, United States

    Hey guys! Remember me from January in Shepherdstown? I was the PT from Bethesda Naval Center and the only non-runner in the group. I wanted to share my journey from that weekend when I first started running with the group - quickly falling to the wayside LOL. I WAS NOT a runner:( Well, I took my inserts and lining out of my New Balance and loved the extra room and feel of the ground! I began running when I got home - gradually and progressively using Blaise's interval II. I was concerned as an older runner (starting at 47) but it worked well and I was even more conservative then the interval. I was struggling with the last jump from 15 to 30 min of running so by the time I reached the date of the Frederick RunFest 5K I had only ever run for 26 min - about 2.6 miles. I have been studying the Chi method and most like setting the cadence with the arms - R 2 3 /L 2 3! and the emphasis on posture and core that is so natural to me as a PT. I have not mastered the lean yet! I have also been reading everything I can get my hands on and have worked my way into some Evolution and Pose information as well. I am a frequent visitor to Blaise's site as well Jay's and the Runblogger. I am feeling so much more confident and competent in the treatment of the ACTIVE Duty men and women that I serve and who struggle with running. THANK YOU

    May 5th - bought my first minimalist shoe (and metronome)- New Balance Minimus and it felt so natural after running many months in my hollowed out shoes. I also bought a pair of Vibrams and have been progressively walking in them and will begin some light/short jogs this week. My pinky toes object but will have to adjust accordingly - LOL!

    As of May 7, 2011 - I AM A RUNNER! I completed my first 5K in 27:45, coming in 50th female overall and 3rd in my age group. I know I can go faster, I just needed to get the first one under my belt. Even better - I have decreased my risk of premature death by 63%! And I am 10 pounds lighter since before I started jogging. I would like to get in a few more races this summer and plan on running the TUNNEL to TOWER 9-11 10th anniversary 5K in NYC in September. I KNOW I can go a 26:00 by then!

    I just felt compelled to tell you all what a difference that weekend made in my life - you have forever impacted me and thru me you are influencing hundreds more in the military system. I so happy to serve those that serve!

    God Bless,

    Jayne Biafore, PT
    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
    Department of Integrated Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Outpatient

  • LE BRUN Christophe, Physiothérapeute - kinésithérapeute, Nantes, France

    "New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries" : A course that gives us a stride length on the competition for the years to come. Helpful for both advice and support of our patients who run.

  • Sylvie Marcotte, PT, FCAMT, Physiotherapist, Montréal, Qc, Canada

    To run is to slip on a pair of shoes and to devour the road… but which shoes? How many kilometers? At which frequency? This course has helped me demystify the world of running, fight its bad reputation and gain assessment tools for my personal use as well as for that of my clients. There is no use in running if we do not hit the road at 180 strides/min.! Thanks Blaise, hope to see you soon.

  • Yves Lachance, PT, DO, Physiotherapist and Osteopath, Québec, Qc, Canada

    An indispensable course in order to optimize one’s interventions with runners of all levels.

  • Erdem Huner, PT, FCAMT, Physiotherapist, Richmond Hill, Canada

    Attending the course "New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries" is an absolute must for any practitioner treating runners/athletes across the spectrum; from casual joggers to high-performance competitors. Not only does this course incorporate impressive and thorough reviews of the scientic literature, but it also teaches one how to transfer this newly gained knowledge into skills that can be immediately applied to clinical practice. The instructors Blaise Dubois and Sean Cannon do a fantastic job in presenting the content in an entertaining and fluid manner. The accompanying reference materials (DVD, course manual, clinical PDF handouts) are also extremely useful tools. By attending this course, I have gained new and invaluable insights into running injuries that I have applied to my clinical practice.

  • Daniel Blouin, Team Adidas, Bachelor in Sports intervention, fitness instructor, Canadian Armed Forces, Québec, Canada

    Fifteen years have passed since my first real strides. Over the years, running has proved to be a tremendous passion for me. Admittedly, I love running, but I attach great importance to the understanding of all of the aspects of my favorite sport. It is essential that I further my knowledge as an athlete and coach. That is why I followed the training session for coaches, by Blaise Dubois from The running clinic. I must admit that I had never participated in such an event before. The running clinic, according to me, is a new, extraordinary and unique tool in the world of running that, according to me, had a great need of renewal. The professionalism and expertise of the speaker, Blaise Dubois, supported by the scientific literature and personal experience, highlight the fundamental principles of running for both the novice and expert.
    I strongly suggest you take this course ... But be careful, surprises and astonishment will change your current perceptions.

  • Sandy Musson C.Ped, Shoes-Orthoses Specialist, Trenton, Canada

    This was one of the best learning experiences I've had in a long time. Blaise and Sean bring knowledge, insight and levity to hotly debated subjects, but more than that they enlighten all areas of running from shoes, training, nutrition, injury causes and repair. If you can only attend one continuing education course this year, make it this one.

  • Mathieu Girard, PT, osteopatic approach, Gatineau, Canada

    The course "New tends in the prevention of runnings injuries" is an essential course for all professionals dealing with runners. Science is integrated with clinical interventions. The entire content captivates our attention and time flies! In fact, this course changed my life, to the point that I plan to start running!

  • Dr. Dominique Dansereau, Sport Doctor and triathlete, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada

    This course has given me new tools for the assessment and treatment of patients in sports medicine, which I have integrated into my practice. The quality of the presentation is exceptional in both its form and scientific content. The literature review is exhaustive; it allows us to question certain clinical myths and gives alternatives to ice, NSAID’s and traditional physiotherapy. The practical sessions are dynamic and allow the participants to experiment with certain recommendations given to the patient. From a personal point of view, this course has allowed me to improve my running biomechanics. I encourage all medical doctors who treat athletes of all levels to take this exceptional course.

  • Kelly Wicks, PT, Physiotherapist and runner, Fredericton, NB, Canada

    I have learned that everything I thought I knew about running, prior to taking this course, was wrong. I was extremely impressed by the presentation and the research of this course. It has completely changed my practice with respect to running. I would recommend this course to all health professionals dealing with athletes, especially those who are runners. Thanks!

  • Victor Krief, kinesiotherapist (Fr), specialised in sport injuries, Angers, France

    With his "exotic" accent!, Blaise was able to give us the benefit of his expertise in the field of running injuries. From theory to practice, the innovative message behind this course allowed me to question my practice and to change my vision relative to my analysis of running injuries. A great information exchange between professionals, not to be missed.

    Thanks to Blaise and his team

  • Roberto Ruiz, MA, Physical therapist, Master, Washington DC, USA

    A forward thinking series of presentations and concepts of running performance and injury prevention that is backed with peer reviewed citations. If you work with runners, this is a must conference to attend.

  • Robin Judice, PT, CSCS, Trainer (endurance), Lafayette, USA

    I have attended many continuing education courses over the last 17 years as a physical therapist and coach, but I have to say this was the most unique and most fun. The "fun" was the icing on the cake...the high quality of Blaise's instruction clearly was based on research and his years of experience as a therapist and running coach.

    We had the good fortune at our conference in West Virginia to have guest speakers that added to Blaise's program. What a treat to have Dr. Marc Cucuzzarella, Jay DiCharry, Dr. Rober Wilder, and Dr. Hiroaki Tanaka instruct us as well. There was a great blend of instruction, practice/labwork and feedback.

    I'm returning to my coaching/injury prevention practice with better handle on the "why's" and "how's" of what I do with my runners. I'm looking forward to helping people transition safely to efficient running form and stay injury-free so they can keep on running!

    Thank you, Blaise, for your great instruction and your sense of humor. I learned a lot from you.


  • Geoffrey Delaney, Physiotherapist, Geelong, Australia

    Thank-you for a very entertaining and interesting 3 days. I have already helped several recreational runners with their injuries with your approach including myself.
    Regards from Geoffrey Delaney.