Essential Links

Science and Research

From scientific data banks to popular yet credible websites, this section is an indispensable resource for our most rigorous readers.

Science and Research By Dr Craig Richards. Source of datas about minimalist shoes science. Many references. Shoe store, link to buy science book, etc.
Vulgarized Science and Research By Peter Larson, this blog that assembles analysis, information, videos, commentaries about everything that touches minimalist running. High level of knowledge and criticism!
Science et recherche vulgarisées Dr Craig Payne, podiatrist, university speaker, researcher, skeptic, clinician, exposes sciences on topics surrounding running shoes and running biomechanics.
Vulgarized Science and Research This website brings together three important ideas that justify taking running technique seriously:
1- Running should be enjoyable and mostly pain free
2- Injuries should be the exception, not the rule
3- Performance improvements are possible by learning to run better, not just training longer and harder
Vulgarized Science and Research The Health and Science Advisory Board at the Natural Running Center will serve runners, health care providers, scientists, coaches, physical therapists, and footwear manufacturers and retailers through our integrated education, communication, and community approach.
Running Reform By Dr. Kevin Maggs, a blog filled with well supported articles and deep analysis of different topics.
An athlete's body By physical therapist Jay Dicharry, a blog presenting articles from many subjects surrounding running. A big part of these articles help to vulgarize science over running. The blog has been produce in conjontion with Jay's book from the same name.
Vulgarized Science and Research No nonsense, no agenda. Just reasoned information and advice about running, based on peer-reviewed research.
Vulgarized Science and Research Sweat Science is about the science of exercise, fitness and training. What do researchers know about the best way to warm up, lose weight, or train for a triathlon? What remains unknown? We break down the latest research, discuss it and argue about it. We debunk common workout myths, and attack the shoddy science used to sell many fitness products. We demand evidence.
Vulgarized Science and Research With Steve Magness. An in depth look at training, coaching, Sport Science, and anything else that relates to enhancing endurance performance.
Vulgarized Science and Research Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas criticize the science behind the latest sports news, or summarize and popularize scientific concepts as complex as sport physiology, running techniques, ergogenic aids, etc.
Vulgarized Science and Research The journey of a minimalist runner held with a blog but also supported facts and interesting links.
Database The gold standard in medical research and evidence.
Database Interesting data bank allowing to quickly identify the best scientific evidence (positions on specific issues, clinical guidelines, summaries of systematic reviews, etc.)
Database Impressive abstracts bank from scientific articles (randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews) related to physical therapy, physiotherapy, enhanced with analysis methodology (PEDRO document helps you quickly separate clinical trials that are likely to be valid and interpreted from those who are not).
Database The largest scientific data bank in medical science. Step # 1 to begin your research...
Database One of the largest scientific data bank in medical science. Step #2 to begin your research...