Specialized running shoe retailers

Listing of Running Shoe Stores Boasting a Practice based on Scientific Evidence

The specialized stores listed here have willingly adopted practices based on currently available scientific evidence...

1. A choice that mirrors client request

While beliefs held by clients are often based on their own experience, they are still frequently biased by commercial influences. Additionally, despite the importance of disseminating information that is easy to understand and reliable (from unbiased sources), it is important not to destroy such beliefs with unfounded arguments or with recommendations based upon our own beliefs. It is also paramount to respect any prescription that may have been issued previously by a specialist.

If changes in practice occur, they must be implemented with caution. A runner who elects to use a new type of running shoes will have to ensure a progressive transition from the old to the new shoes.

2. A scientific and logical selection that supersedes marketing incentives

The concepts taught to any client must be centered on science-based evidence or, in the event of a lack of data in that regard, on evidence stemming from a clinical reasoning coupled with a rich professional experience.

It is important to understand that the new technologies proposed every year by companies have no scientific basis and are designed for a simple objective, that is, to sell specific products. Retailers/salespeople must critically analyze the information conveyed by companies so as to ensure that the latter do not compromise the former’s professional independence, namely with regard to advice provided to clients. Commercial influences and profits related to the sale of a specific type of shoe should never influence salespeople in the choices they submit to clients.

3. A choice primarily based on ergonomics

Comfort is the single most important factor when purchasing a pair of running shoes. Comfort should not be defined as a feeling of envelopment and softness but rather as the absence of pressure points that could cause deformation or irritation of the foot. The criteria that are deemed essential in this regard thus concern the size, width and shape of the foot, including the shape of the forefoot and the toes (both when static and dynamic). 

4. A choice geared toward ultra-minimalism for children

The elements that are essential in selecting a pair of shoes for children are relatively straightforward and widely accepted by all experts in this field. First, the main role of shoes is to protect the foot from injuries and infection. Second, the selection of a pair of shoes for children should be based on the “barefoot” model so that the foot develops in an optimal way. Stiff and tight shoes are not recommended. Finally, this is pretty simple, the more often are children barefoot, the better it is. Any good shoe salesperson should communicate such information to parents.

The social environment or the type of terrain encountered will often requires the child to wear shoes that are ULTRA minimalist:  no heel or arch support, and a sole that is flexible and ultra-thin. Furthermore, there is no age when the child/teenager should start wearing maximalist running shoes (cushioned, elevated heel, relatively rigid). However, if a teenager has already grown accustomed to maximalist running shoes, there should be a progressive transition to minimalist shoes spread over a few weeks in order to allow the foot to adapt.

5. A minimalist selection for beginner

Beginners with no running experience are “virgins” in terms of their own biomechanical learning curve. In turn, this would explain the importance to integrate as early as possible shoes that interfere as little as possible with natural biomechanics as well as with the development of the feet. Minimalist running shoes will help runners develop more efficient impact-moderating behaviors. In other words, they will learn to run light.

There is limited scientific evidence concerning which of minimalism or maximalism is better. However, a retrospective study has found that the number of injuries for minimalist shoe wearers was considerably lower than for runners who use more modern “traditional” shoes. Moreover, no claimed benefit should justify the promotion of maximalist running shoes for runners who are not so adapted, regardless of an individual’s weight.

6. A choice not based on the arch of the foot

It is a well-known fact that recommending running shoes on the basis of the type of foot (flat, highor universal) constitutes an unjustified practice. In addition, the efficiency of pronation control systems in governing the movements of the feet and legs has been challenged.

Nevertheless, it is important to guide runners to shoes that do not interfere with natural running movements. A shoe that increases the degree of pronation or supination observed in a natural barefoot setting is believed not to be ideal as it will alter the biomechanics to which the body has managed to adapt over time.

7. A choice not based on an individual’s weight

There is no scientific basis for justifying that relatively heavy people should wear thicker, more cushioned and more rigid shoes or shoes elevated at the heel. Durability is an additional criterion to consider when looking to select the right type of running shoes.


Please note that this section as well as our recommendations will evolve as new information and scientific publications are issued. Do not hesitate to contact us via email if you agree with these principles and you are a specialized shoe retailer. You will be entitled to a free Skype discussion with Mr. Blaise Dubois, your professional information will be added to our specialist listing below and additional information will be provided to you.




Fast trax Run and Ski Shop 7326 - 101 Ave
Edmonton T6A 0J2, Alberta, Canada
CANADA, AB, Edmondton

Fast Trax combines quality equipment with free gait analysis, shoe testing and training advice. As well Fast Trax offers coaching advice, training and technique sessions for runners of all abilities. Fast Trax specializes in all aspects of running, including Track, Road, Trail, Mountain and Ultra Marathon running.
Gord's Running Store 919 Centre Street, NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
CANADA, AB, Calgary

Everyone deserves to run – beginners, 10K-ers, marathoners, triathletes, ultra marathoners, barefooters… We have all the latest running gear and we have a great team of folks ready to fit you into the perfect running shoes and running clothes.
Visit Your Calgary Running Store For a Great Experience!
Strides Running Store 3558 Garrison Gate S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
CANADA, AB, Calgary

Locally Owned. Community Driven.
Our Goal: To improve our customers' running experience by providing the very best advice, exceptional service and quality products. Whether you are looking to talk about training, get advice to stay injury-free or want to discover new running routes, Strides is the place for you. Enjoy a level of service you can rely on.


City Park Runners 2091 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Since 2006, we have followed our commitment to provide superior service to our customers and assist them in achieving their fitness goals. At City Park Runners, you will receive the kind of quality and service you would expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, at City Park Runners, “It matters to us!”

Nova Scotia

Aerobics First 6166 Quinpool Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
CANADA, Nova Scotia, Halifax

Most athletic shoes (85%) are fit incorrectly, and most individuals do not realize their shoes are not the right size until injury or fatigue set in and do their damage (minor or major, temporary or long lasting). We begin by measuring your foot with a Brannock foot sizing device EVERY TIME, in order to make our own assessment and recommendation on shoe size and type needed... We tell YOU what your shoe size is and what shoe you should have for what you do.


Boutique Courir et Cie 7 Place du Lac, J2C 9M1
Granby, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Granby

La Boutique Course & Cie est votre spécialiste de course à pied à Granby. Nous avons une vaste sélection de chaussures, vêtements et accessoires pour la course sur route, en sentier et à obstacles. Nous faisons des sorties en groupe à partir de la boutique plusieurs fois par semaine, adaptées à chaque niveau, de débutant à marathonien élite.
Boutique du Lac 985 Boul. Du Lac
Lac Beauport, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Lac-Beauport

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Lac-Beauport, this new shoe store specializes in running, training and swimming.
Boutique La course à pied 407, boulevard Saint-Germain Ouest
Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Rimouski

Uniques et conviviales, les boutiques La course à pied vous permettent de vivre une expérience d’achat extrêmement agréable. En plus de vous offrir plus de 150 modèles de chaussures athlétiques ainsi des de vêtements et d’accessoires de course, elles vous donnent accès à l’expertise de conseillers spécialisés, qui vous accompagneront dans le choix des produits qui répondront le mieux à vos besoins!
Chronocité 12485, 1ere Avenue Saint-Georges
Saint-Georges , Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

La toute nouvelle boutique chronocité située à Saint-Georges vous offre une expérience d’achat unique pour la course à pied et le vélo. On vous offre une gamme de produits variée, exclusive et correspondant à tous les styles de coureurs avec des conseils d’experts-passionnés en plus!!
Cycles Vallières 203, Notre-Dame Ouest
Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Thetford Mines

Située à Thetford Mines, Cycles Vallières se spécialise depuis plus de 30 ans dans l’équipement de sport. En plus d’offrir un service personnalisé en vélo et en course à pied, la boutique partage en groupe son expertise et le plaisir d’être actif. Rendez-vous sur le site pour joindre leur Club de course «Au féminin» et leurs sorties en vélo de route!
Fous de la course 1990, rue Léonard de Vinci
Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Sainte-Julie

FOLLEMENT INSPIRANT! Une nouvelle entreprise follement inspirante. Une nouvelle bannière qui respire (et transpire) la santé. Au menu : boutique, course à pied, entraînements et bar à énergie. Plus qu’une simple boutique, une véritable destination énergisante de santé. Des entrainements et des cliniques de course à pied, 51 cours de groupe, des écrans géants vivifiants, une boutique suprenante, etc.
Fradette Sport 2600 boul. Laurier (Place de la cité)
Québec, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

Située dans le centre commercial Place de la cité, Fradette Sport n'est plus seulement l'endroit par excellence pour les sports de raquette mais aussi pour l'achat de chaussures de jogging. Personnel hautement sensibilisé, des conseils sensés, un vaste choix de chaussures minimalistes.
JogX 51 boulevard Cité des Jeunes, local 112
Vaudreuil Dorion, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Vaudreuil-Dorion

Running addicts for many years, we are happy to be able to share to you our passion and our scientific approach of this wonderful sport.
Experts in biomechanical analysis, we garantee products that will adapt to your needs in a way to reduce risks of running injuries and increase your pleasure to its maximum.
Welcome to the world of smart running.
L'Oiseau Tonnerre 501, avenue Duluth
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Montreal

L’Oiseau Tonnerre existe depuis 1967. Nous sommes spécialisés dans la chaussure orthopédique. Nous avons développé une expertise au fil du temps dans l’ergonomie des pieds. Venez nous rencontrer pour votre prochain support plantaire ou votre prochaine chaussure minimaliste Vibram FiveFingers. Chez L’Oiseau Tonnerre, ça marche!
La Vie Sportive 600 Rue Bouvier
Québec, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

Établie comme véritable institution sur la rue Bouvier à Québec depuis 1995, La Vie Sportive est plus que fière de vous offrir un département de course à pied fort diversifié. Avec plus de 70 modèles de chaussures minimalistes ainsi que toute une gamme traditionnelle, le coureur émérite ainsi que le débutant seront comblés. Nos conseillers possèdent l’expertise qui fera la différence afin de vous guider a coup sûr vers LA chaussure la plus adaptée à la réalisation de vos objectifs.
Maison de la Course 234, rue St-Charles
Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Sainte-Thérèse

La Maison de la Course is a rendez-vous spot and a pitstop for every running and hiking passionate. This specialized boutique offers a great variety of products, including a wide selection of minimalist shoes. Whatever your level is, their team of experts will know how to guide you well.
Maison de la course 524 Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Mont-St-Hilaire

Next to Mont St-Hilaire, La Maison de la Course is a rendez-vous spot and a pitstop for every running and hiking passionate. This specialized boutique offers a great variety of products, including a wide selection of minimalist shoes. Whatever your level is, their team of experts will know how to guide you well.
MEC Longueuil 4869, boulevard Taschereau
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Longueuil

MEC is a cooperative that encourages and helps people to adopt an active lifestyle. We provide equipment, clothing and services appropriate to their needs. Involved in his community, MEC also organizes friendly activities and affordable races.
MEC Montréal 8989, boulevard de l'Acadie
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Montreal

MEC est une coopérative qui encourage et aide les gens à adopter un mode de vie actif axé sur le plein air en leur fournissant du matériel, des vêtements et des services appropriés à leurs besoins. Engagé dans sa communauté, MEC organise aussi des activités de course abordables, sécuritaires et très conviviales.
MEC Québec 405 St-Joseph
Québec, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

MEC is a cooperative that encourages and helps people to adopt an active lifestyle. We provide equipment, clothing and services appropriate to their needs. Involved in his community, MEC also organizes friendly activities and affordable races.
Radioactif 850 3e Avenue
Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

L'Abitibi a maintenant son spécialiste en chaussures de course! Les experts de Radioactif sauront bien vous guider dans votre choix de chaussure selon les besoins mentionnés. Site web à venir!
Reno Sport 236, Notre Dame Est
Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Victoriaville, Quebec

RENO est le leader à Victoriaville et en région dans la vente au détails de produits de sports. À chaque saison notre équipe vous déniche les produits dont vous aurez besoin pour la pratique de vos sports préférés. Du hockey au vélo de montagne en passant par le ski, la courrse à pied ou pour le gym, vous trouverez ce que vous recherchez.
Vélo Savard 1083, boulevard Vachon Nord
Sainte-Marie, Quebec, Canada
CANADA, Québec, Québec

Situé dans la belle région de Chaudière-Appalaches, Vélo Savard se spécialise non seulement dans le vélo mais maintenant dans la course à pied. Soucieux de vous offrir la bonne chaussure, nous serons à l’écoute de vos besoins tout en vous conseillant et en vous expliquant ce qu'est une bonne chaussure pour vous. L’important est que vous puissiez pratiquer votre sport de course à pied comme il se doit et ce, sans vous blesser.

United States


Keola Health 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens #7104
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Florida, United States

The Keola Health team has spent an extensive amount of time locating, researching and testing every brand they carry. The owners are confident that the products they feature are of the absolute highest quality. They have taken much of the guess work out of the shopping experience by pre-selecting only shoes that they know their customers will love.

West Virginia

Two Rivers Treads 113 W. German Street
Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States
UNITED STATES, West Virginia, Shepherdstown

Welcome to the first running store to abandon the modern running shoe. The human body is built to run and walk:
Let us show you how...