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Our Top 5 Recommended Running Shoes for 2022

When selecting a brand-new pair of running shoes, it is vital to consider cushioning, durability, and weight, as among the key factors. In 2022 alone, there are few emerging top-quality running footwear, whether you’re planning to buy one to wear on roads, trails, or in sprinting competitions. Check out our following top five list of highly recommended running shoes for specific needs for 2022.

1. Altra Paradigm 6

Altra’s Paradigm 6 is not your typical pair of stability running shoes. What makes the Altra Paradigm 6 footwear stand out from the rest of its rivals is its clever integration of the zero-drop innovation, which means you’re virtually running barefoot or naturally.

In addition, this product includes a firm cushioning, perfect for comfortable, zero-drop running.

2. Salomon Ultra Glide

If you’re searching for an ideal pair of kicks for trail running, check out the Ultra Glide footwear by Salomon.

The Salomon Ultra Glide is the most accessible and well-cushioned product that’s suitable to wear when jogging off-road on hills and even rocky slopes. However, this specific footwear should not be for treading wet terrain with rock slabs and climbing over a few boulders.

3. Asics MetaSpeed Sky

Running competition regulars and sprinting fans will undoubtedly like the Asics MetaSpeed Sky footwear.

The MetaSpeed Sky pair of racing shoes from Asics provides runners with a significant stride length boost, thus allowing them to exert lesser effort. It offers a uniquely responsive feel, thanks to the brilliant design in its rocker, and minimizes ankle strain by up to 19 percent.

4. Hoka Rincon 3

Footwear manufacturer Hoka is widely known for its signature thick midsole product design. Although the Rincon 3 is no different, it’s highly notable for its low weight. This surprisingly light pair of flexible kicks only weighs roughly 7.4 oz.

We highly recommend the Hoka Rincon 3 for your lightweight training.

5. Brooks Ghost 14

If you still haven’t decided yet up to this point on which running shoe pair to own, opt for the Brooks Ghost 14 instead.

Although this all-around running footwear uses sustainable materials, Brooks still manages to enhance the cushioning and responsiveness of this product.

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