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Top 4 Ways to Improvise Calorie-Burning Treadmill Exercises

Treadmills are for those who want to stay out of bad weather or have little time to train. Surprisingly, you can put some tweaks to your already mundane treadmill workouts and consequently burn more calories than you would expect.

Below, you will discover the top 5 ways of improvising treadmill training for a more calorie-burning experience.

1. Setting Incline Running in Motion

If you want to get away from flat ground and try a different jogging workout, do an incline running exercise instead.

An added incline not only burns more calories rapidly. Incline running workouts also focus on various muscle groups compared to sprinting on a flat surface.

2. Using Interval Training

Another way to burn additional calories using your treadmill is to incorporate interval training into your equipment routine.

Interval training consists of interchanging sprinting and recovery jogging segments, which can prove more effective than running at a similar pace. Additionally, interval training helps eat up additional energy by making your heart rate go up and down for the rest of the workout.

3. Applying Body-Weight Training Drills

Treadmills are not only limited to use in doing paced walks or runs. You may apply walking lunges, side shuffles, high knees, and other body-weight training drills while you use your equipment.

The added variety of body-weight drills during treadmill workouts boosts extra calorie burns.

4. Augmenting Your Pace Gradually

Once you’re already comfortable with your usual running pace, try challenging yourself gradually.

When you slowly and surely add your pace, you’re burning more calories because doing so requires additional oxygen and muscle activation. To augment your training pace during a run, begin the workout in a relaxed state. As the running goes, pick up some speed gradually and – ultimately – end at a maximum-effort pace.

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