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Top 5 GPS Watches with Advanced Features for Runners

Running enthusiasts, especially those who are into offroad hiking or jogging, should not leave unequipped with the right tools. This situation is where GPS-capable watches with advanced features come into play.

Fortunately, we have drafted this list of the top 5 product recommendations for your reference when selecting the most appropriate advanced GPS running wristwatches.

1. Polar Grit X

For runners who love the outdoors and trails, take a closer look at the Polar Grit X. This advanced GPS timepiece, although surprisingly small, boasts a prolonged battery life.

The device’s hill detection mode is perhaps its selling point. This GPS watch can automatically detect whether the wearer starts to climb or descend.

2. Coros Apex

When we talk about longer battery life, the Coros Apex does its job better. 

Coros designed their Apex GPS watch specifically to endure triathlons. It has earned its spot as an excellent multi-sport timepiece for amateurs and elites.

Further, the device has a dual-frequency reception feature that further enhances the accuracy of its GPS tracking.

3. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple devices are widely known for being minimalistic yet classy and innovative. You can probably say the same thing to their Watch Series 7 timepiece.

The Apple Watch Series 7 showcases a slightly large display size over other devices, precise GPS tracking, and multiple watch face selections. Be mindful, though, when using Bluetooth and data in conjunction with GPS so as not to drain its battery quickly.

4. Garmin Forerunner 255

GPS watch maker Garmin launched the Forerunner 255 intending to track locations more precisely – thanks to its dual-reception feature – and endure triathlons for a long time. This timepiece can play music, too, giving you the best value overall.

5. Garmin Forerunner 955

If you’re searching instead for an all-around advanced GPS timepiece, look no further than Garmin Forerunner 955. Some features that make this wristwatch notably versatile include multi-band satellite reception ensuring accuracy, solar charging capability, and color-coded mapping.

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