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Top 5 Mobility Workouts to Improve Running

Runners constantly strive for ways to get them going faster. Pacing more miles and doing strength training workouts are the usual exercise routines to improve running. Mobility training – although not mentioned frequently anywhere – is also vital.

If one of your key goals is to become faster than the average runner, take note of the following top five mobility exercises for improved running.

1. Half-Knelt Hip Flexor Stretching

It’s essential to know how your leg moves when running. The beneficial aspect of doing half-knelt hip flexor stretches is that it boosts forward and backward driving of your legs.

For a significant increase in speed, your leg should be able to extend and drive to the ground so that even a single stride forward propels efficiently.

2. Glute Pulls

The glutes are probably the largest lower-body muscles, but did you know they also play a chief part in sprinting?

Your lower glute muscle enables your hips to bend and stretch, which helps you drive forward during sprints.

3. Knee Pulls

Driving the knee upwards strongly and fast is vital in accelerating and sprinting. With the knee pull exercise, you can imitate such a pattern while in a one-leg standing position.

4. Half-Knelt Ankle Mobilization

Bending the ankle to point the foot up is called dorsiflexion, a required part of making a footstep whether walking or running. To boost ankle dorsiflexion, train your ankle in a half-kneeling position with one knee on the ground, place both hands above your other knee, and gently lean forward while pushing the other knee to let your ankle bend forward.

Professional sprinters prove that a boosted ankle dorsiflexion is helpful when running at quick speeds.

5. Tall-Plank Ankle Pumping

The tall-plank ankle pump is a variant of the standard planking exercise. It aids in warming up your trunk and maintaining an upright spine during jogs.

Moreover, this ankle mobility workout provides more warmed-up shoulders and flexible arm swing, allowing for efficient momentum gains.

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