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Vaping And Running – What You Must Know?

It is common knowledge that smoking can affect the function of the lungs. The healthy choice would be to ditch the nicotine habit and start running. However, most smokers choose to substitute smoking with vaping. If many think vaping is way less harmful than smoking, can someone do running exercises while still maintaining the habit? Let’s find out.

Why People Are Vaping

First, let’s understand why people choose vaping Canada instead of smoking. In recent years, vaping has become so popular. Many smokers who quit have resorted to the new habit. Many believe that vaping is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes, even though vape juices contain traces of nicotine.

Social media also played a greater role in promoting the habit. With many influencers and content displaying scenes where people are vaping casually, coupled with the usage of tricks and entertainment, there’s no wonder that even teens resort to it. Despite the increasing number of users, there is still no conclusive medical basis that vaping is better than smoking.

Can Running And Vaping Work Together?

There can be a lot of debates stemming from the question “is vaping similar to smoking”. But based on the testimonials of a number of users, vaping can affect fitness in a positive manner. There are studies showing that athletes who vape hours before a workout or sports event tend to perform better than normal.

However, when someone is vaping just moments before a workout or sports event, there seems to be a different result. The arteries are restricted, the heart rate increases and the blood’s oxygen content is affected. This can lead to a decrease in energy levels and stamina, especially if he/she is a runner.

Because of the results, it is safe to say that vaping and running are not a good combination. However, compared to a runner who is a smoker, there seems to be a significant advantage.

Can Vaping Influence Running?

How vaping affects running can be looked at in two different ways. First, let’s look at a situation wherein one is vaping as a habit. If they are running afterwards, even if well-trained, there can be a detrimental effect on their performance. Focus may be there, but the stamina is not up to the task.

Second, let’s look at another situation wherein a vaping runner is a former smoker. In comparing the performance of the runner when they were a smoker and now that they are vaping, the latter is definitely an improvement to the former. However, as time goes by, the situation will become similar to the first one described.

Does Vaping Influence Cardio?

Cardio exercises, besides running can be affected by vaping. Obviously, the same bodily systems are involved in running and other cardio exercises. Therefore, if vaping is not a good fit for running, then it is not a good fit also for other cardio exercises. However, that is only a logical basis since there is limited research on the matter.

It may be early to conclude that vaping and running is not a good combination but somehow, it can be logical to see that it seems true. Only when you run while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can you achieve optimum wellness.

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